4 Double bay deep handpush mobile compactors with lock

4 Double bay deep handpush mobile compactors with lock


Hand-push double deep mobile compactors, also known as mobile shelving systems or compact storage systems, are a type of storage solution designed to optimize space utilization in various settings, such as offices, libraries, archives, warehouses, and more. These systems are particularly useful when space is limited, and a high storage capacity is required.

Here's a breakdown of what these compactors systems are:

  1. Double Deep: Double deep refers to the storage configuration where two rows of shelving units are placed back-to-back. This design allows for increased storage capacity as compared to traditional single-row shelving systems.

  2. Mobile Compactors: Mobile compactors are shelving units that are mounted on carriages or tracks, enabling them to move horizontally. This mobility feature is achieved through the use of wheels, rails, and mechanical systems. By moving the shelves together or apart, you can create aisles for accessing stored items. When not in use, the shelves are compressed together to save space.

  3. Hand-Push: Hand-push mobile compactors are operated manually by pushing or pulling the shelves to create the necessary access aisle. Some more advanced systems might have electronic or mechanical assist mechanisms to make moving the shelves easier.

The benefits of using hand-push double deep mobile compactors include:

  • Space Efficiency: By maximizing the use of available space and eliminating unnecessary aisles, you can significantly increase storage capacity.

  • Improved Organization: These systems allow for organized storage of items, making it easier to categorize and retrieve items when needed.

  • Security and Privacy: In settings where sensitive documents or items are stored, mobile compactors can provide enhanced security and privacy due to their compact nature.

  • Customization: These systems can be customized to fit the specific needs of the space and the items being stored. This includes adjustable shelves, dividers, and accessories.

  • Reduced Footprint: With items stored more densely, you can reduce the overall footprint of your storage area, potentially freeing up space for other purposes.

However, it's important to note that while hand-push double deep mobile compactors offer numerous advantages, they also have some considerations:

  • Accessibility: Accessing items stored in the middle or back rows might require more effort and time compared to traditional shelving systems where all items are easily accessible.

  • Maintenance: The mechanical components of mobile compactors require maintenance to ensure smooth operation and prevent breakdowns.

  • Initial Investment: These systems can involve a higher upfront cost due to their mechanical components and customization options.

  • Weight Limitations: There might be weight limitations for each shelf and the entire system, so it's essential to adhere to these guidelines to ensure safety and functionality.

  • Installation and Space Planning: Proper installation and space planning are crucial to maximize the benefits of these systems. It's important to work with professionals to ensure the system is set up correctly.

Overall, hand-push double deep mobile compactors can be an excellent storage solution for environments where space efficiency is a priority and where a trade-off between accessibility and storage capacity is acceptable.

Dimension (mm) : 2440W x 1830D x 2115H
Colour available : Light Grey or Beige

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