Steel wardrobe with mirror, drawer and lock

Steel wardrobe with mirror, drawer and lock


A steel wardrobe with a lock is a storage unit designed to securely store belongings, typically made from steel to provide durability and security. These wardrobes often come with features such as adjustable shelves, mirror, hanging rods, and compartments to organize clothing, accessories, or other items. The inclusion of a lock adds an extra layer of security, allowing you to protect your stored items from unauthorized access.

Steel wardrobes with locks are commonly used in various settings such as offices, schools, restaurant, hospital, gyms, and other places where storage is required. They can be particularly useful for storing personal belongings that you want to keep safe.

Before purchasing, it's a good idea to check the specifications to ensure the wardrobe meets your specific storage needs and requirements.

Size (mm) : 381W x 381D x 1828H
Colour : 

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